Posted on: February 21, 2009 10:51 am

A Crede signing

Crede as a Twin!  I have heard it is a one-year deal worth 5.5 million with lots of incentives for being in the All-Star game, at-bats, and playoff/postseason awards.

I will have to admit that I was intentionally trying not to get excited about signing Crede.  The Twins are not known for getting someone who looks good on paper for the next year.  Most of their signing are "I hope this guy gets back into his form of 2 or 3 years ago" or "This guy is a real inning easter."  This is a great signing for the Twins.  A right handed bat with power AND good above average (at least) defense.  The defense over there would have been worth 2 wins by itself last year and a place in the playoffs. 

It must be noted that it will only be a little uptick in the RBI category over last year.  But, I believe that would have taken a major nosedive this year because the RISP of the Twins was out of this world last year and 3B seems like a likely place where they would come back to earth. 

Note: My birthday is July 16th and I will make sure I am in Arlington for 2 of your 3 game set the 2 days after my birthday.  That will be my birthday present to me this year.  YAHOO

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Posted on: March 11, 2008 9:40 am

Spitzer and Clemens

As many of you have heard, Gov. Spitzer of New York got into a bit of a scandel yesterday.  I see similarities between this and Roger Clemens being brought before congress.  Remember almost every congressperson stating that all this steroid stuff that Congress was doing was "for the children."  It was stated often that if this keeps "one child" from taking steroids then it is worth all the time and money spent.  What about prostitution and all the associated wrongs that take place because of it?  Is this not as important for our country as steroids?  Yet, you will not hear a word out of Congress except a few people saying it was wrong or bad.  There will be no check to see if this is happening around the country or among other politicians.  Roger Clemens will be in serious legal, and eventually finacial, trouble because of the showboating of congress. 

AND, the legal system is treating the Roger Clemens case differently than almost all other drug cases.  Other drug cases the user is given leniency to get at the seller.  Here the seller is given leniency to get the user.  All because Roger Clemens is a public figure it is all reversed.  Why will this same treatment not be done on Gov. Spitzer?  Because this will not garner votes or T.V. time is there are hearing about this.  That, and this is a politician ,and these other politicians do not want this to be used against them.  Although they are willing to use it on Roger Clemens.  It is another example of hypocrisy among our elected officials. 

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